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Cat Allergy & Dermatology

Diagnose and treat skin conditions.

Cats can struggle with dermatological issues the same way people can. It’s common for the issues to cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms that range from minor itching and discomfort to outright pain.

We can diagnose and treat numerous skin conditions including allergies, autoimmune conditions, dermatitis, infections, hormonal disorders, parasites, tumors, and skin cancer. 

Diagnosing Skin Conditions

At Fancy Paws Cat Clinic, we rely on state-of-the-art technology to help us identify the cause of skin conditions in pets. We may require blood work and/or a biopsy to aid us in diagnosing the issue.

Common diagnostic steps include: 

  • Blood work testing (complete blood count, chemistry panel, +/- thyroid)
  • Skin cytology (evaluating for evidence of bacteria or yeast)
  • Skin scraping (evaluating for evidence of skin mites)
  • Skin biopsy (evaluating for autoimmune disease, tumors, others)

Once we diagnose the condition, we can treat using a number of modalities, some of which may include medications, supplements, topical creams, immunotherapy, and/or surgery. We don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” treatment, so your pet’s treatment plan will be tailored to meet their individual needs.  

Managing Allergies in Cats

If we conclude that an allergy is causing your cat's discomfort, we’ll establish whether the allergy is environmental or food related . Environmental allergies can be screened for with blood testing. Food allergies require an elimination diet trial as part of the testing and treatment plan. There is no reliable food allergy blood testing in cats (despite many companies marketing these online). 

We’re often able to alleviate symptoms of allergies in cats. In cases where the condition is chronic we focus on alleviating the symptoms with long term management using a variety of treatment modalities.

Your pet may have an allergy if they exhibit the following behaviors:

  • Obsessively chewing or licking the affected area
  • Grooming more than usual 
  • Constant scratching that leads to flaking skin, bald spots, and/or scabs

Other common signs of allergies include recurrent ear infections, skin infections, and issues with anal glands.


Some types of skin disease require the expertise of a board certified veterinary dermatologist. In these cases, we can refer you to a local dermatology office for managment of advanced skin disease.

If you notice these symptoms and think your pet may be struggling with a skin condition caused by an allergy, let us address the issue and help them live a more comfortable life.

Call us at (703) 723-9940 or request online to schedule a consultation.

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