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Cami Phelps is the Practice Manager at Fancy Paws Cat Clinic and has been with Fancy Paws since 2007. She also manages our sister facility, Ashburn Veterinary Hospital. She handles hospital operations and staff management
and loves the opportunity to meet clients and especially patients. She is passionate about the veterinary field because there is the opportunity to truly connect with people and their pets and make a difference. Cami has
helped Fancy Paws Cat Clinic become an accredited Cat Friendly Practice and is a certified practice manager.


Our Hospitality Staff is ready to answer any questions you may have.  They book appointments, then confirm your appointment with any instructions you may need the day before your appointment. They also participate in continuing education to better serve our clients.  If there is anything you need, don't hesitate to ask.

Stephanie joins our cat family with energetic enthusiasm and a sincere love for cats. With over ten years of customer service experience, she is truly excited to be a part of something she's passionate about. She always had cats as pets growing up and has volunteered at animal shelters. You could say she's a true cat lady. She enjoys searching the city for a good coffee shop, going to festivals of all kinds and spending time with friends and her new baby god-daughter. In her down time, she loves to do crafts and cook. Her cat Luna is never far behind, and is always ready for a belly rub. She also shares a household with a standard poodle named Gator. She's so excited to start a career building lasting relationships with the clients and most importantly, the patients.

Leah has been an incredible addition to our Client Service Staff!. She is eager to learn and loves meeting our clients and their pets. In her free time she loves to go hiking and fishing with her boyfriend and dog, Jacey. She also loves to relax at home watching the Food Network, HGTV and The Washington Nationals. Her cat, Kerrigan is always close by with lots of snuggles and love.


Our nursing staff is dedicated to providing exceptional care to every patient we see.  They partner with our doctors and our clients to provide comprehensive plans that ensure thorough care for every feline patient.

Our nursing staff also attends in-house and off-site continuing education.  These seminars and classes strengthen and develop their knowledge in many areas of medicine and preventive care.  We believe that continual education provides our staff with the expertise to offer superior care to our patients and clients.  We are dedicated to that goal and to helping each and every patient we see.

Kyla has been with us since we opened Fancy Paws Cat Clinic. Her love for animals is evident by watching her with any patient. She has a gift with cats and they respond in kind. She has an extensive knowledge of diseases as well as impressive technical skills from her many years in veterinary medicine. In her free time, Kyla loves to go camping with her constant companion, Boon.

Lacey always has a smile for our clients and patients. She has a warm heart for cats and has wonderful handling skills. She appreciates the unique needs of cat owners and enjoys making visits a positive experience for both owners and their cats. She brings an air of cheerfulness wherever she goes. Lacey loves rebuilding old Volkswagens and is currently working on one that is almost completed. She enjoys fishing and playing “superheroes” with her son. She has two cats, Gaia and Gilbert.

Megan has been a part of our team for several years.  She started as a client service representative and transferred to our nursing staff to obtain further training.  Megan is always eager to learn and loves to educate herself about all aspects of veterinary medicine. She works extra shifts at an emergency hospital in Winchester to grow her knowledge and become more familiar with emergency medicine. She loves the outdoors, camping and canoeing. Megan also has two cats that she loves spending time with at home with her husband.


Katie has been part of our team for many years and started out working as a Client Service Representative. She always had a passion for building lasting relationships with our clients and patients. Katie received her Master’s Degree in eMarketing and is our Social Media Director. She loves coming up with new ways for us to interact with our clients through social media. Katie is married and shares her home with two cats. She spends her free time hiking, cooking and making jewelry.

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